In the manufacturing industry, the three components that determine success are production cost, quality and speed. While each of these components is an important factor in its own right, in order to achieve the highest degree of success, manufacturers must fully commit themselves to each of these components. Cost, quality, and speed simply cannot be compromised.

The Metalworking Group recognizes the importance of these key components. We have built each one into the core of our fabrication process as well as our general business strategy. At every level of our business, we strive to meet – and exceed – our client’s needs for cost, quality, and speed.

Since our inception, The Metalworking Group has worked tirelessly to become the trusted metal fabricator in Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio, and the greater tri-state area. Over the years, our efforts to establish ourselves as the most skillful, knowledgeable and high-quality metal fabricator has helped us also achieve success in Canada and Western Europe, in addition to becoming a nationally recognized manufacturer throughout the United States.

While we always invite businesses to experience the quality of our services firsthand, a brief look at our history can also attest to our leadership in the manufacturing industry.


The Metalworking Group began in 1982 with the acquisition of Techni-Fab Metal Products, a manufacturer of sheet metal components, weldments and UL listed electrical enclosures as well as other fabrications.

In the following year, as well as over the course of the next two decades, we expanded our capabilities quickly with a number of other key acquisitions. Our group acquired Murrer Tool and Die, a manufacturer of stamping, dies, fixtures, and CNC machined parts, in 1983; Opitz Metal Products, a manufacturer of production stampings, in 1986; American Metal Finishes, a manufacturer of custom metal polishing, finishing, and buffing, in 1989; Aerospace Precision Metalworking, a manufacturer of CNC machined and stamped parts for aerospace, in 1990; Auto Sun Products, Inc., a manufacturer of metal stampings, in 1991; and Parker Metal Stampings, a manufacturer of metal stamping, 1994.

2002 marked our most recent addition with the acquisition of Precision Profile which is renowned for laser cutting and sheet metal fabricating.

The acquisition of these companies over time not only speaks to The Metalworking Group’s long, deep-rooted history of custom metal fabrication, laser cutting, and sheet metal stamping, but also our ability to attract the highest quality of specialists in our industry.


Today, we are able to provide solutions for complex manufacturing challenges. Our ability to lead the manufacturing industry is due largely in part to both our highly specialized capabilities – namely, metal fabricated, machined, stamped and welded components and assemblies – as well as our ability to offer full-service engineering and project management.

We have nearly 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space occupied with the latest technologies, including laser cutting machines, CNC press brakes, robotic welders, and CNC turret punch presses that can handle any volume of metal assemblies or components. Our extensive manufacturing space also permits us to utilize our selection of machinery including the new Finn Power Shear Genius and Ytterbium Fiber Optic Laser System. These top-of-the-line technologies allow us to eliminate a production tradeoff by tendering precision and speed while often reducing cycle times significantly.

Together, all of these elements let us stand above the rest in one of the world’s most competitive industries and allows us to achieve our goal of helping you achieve yours.


Providing the best cost, the best quality, and the best speed is at the core of our business – but they’re not what motivate us to provide the best. Our work is motivated by your work. We pride ourselves as the manufacturer that is invested in your success.

Between the software, equipment, and highly skilled workers, our entire metal fabricating process is optimized for you. This saves both us, and you, money and time while also allowing us to deliver on our promises of accuracy, quality, and punctuality. This same effectiveness has even helped us to achieve ISO Certification (9001). We look forward to how our growing expertise, and consequent achievements, of The Metalworking Group will attract more businesses and more talent in order to better serve our clients.

No matter what your business requires, we can handle it. We’re excited to prove that to you. Explore our website to learn more about The Metalworking Group and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss the specifics of your future project. We appreciate your interest and hope to add your project to our history of success!