The Metalworking Group recently passed our one year renewal audit for our ISO Certification. For those who aren’t familiar with ISO certification, it is an accreditation that confirms the establishment, implementation, and ongoing updating of effective quality assurance systems for manufacturers and service providers. ISO (International Services Organization) is a globally recognized agency. With an ISO accreditation, customers can be assured that suppliers meet stringent quality requirements.

For a company performing sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining, it sure seems like ISO accreditation is a worthy accomplishment. It is a painstaking and expensive process to detail the entire realm of business procedures and develop quality audits around everything we do. That is the real benefit of the ISO system. It is a comprehensive assessment of your complete business practices, not just the Quality Department.

As with anything worthwhile, the benefits received from something is in direct correlation with the effort and diligent work put into it. Despite having an ISO system, many companies simply do not improve their quality performance measurably. The hard work of improving your system only starts to occur after the accreditation is received. Root cause analysis, continuous improvement activities, and other rigorous techniques comprise the hard work that must happen after the ISO audit is complete. Companies that view the ISO certification as the end goal simply miss the opportunity to improve their company.

Manufacturing large fabrications, utilizing robotic welding, laser cutting, and CNC machining operations requires a stringent business and quality process. At MWG, we are pleased to be ISO certified, but we are proud that we utilize the system to achieve measurable results in defects and quality costs while seeing improved performance with customers.

Below is our ISO certification on display at MWG.

Metal Working Group ISO Certification