Metal fabrication is a pretty broad term when it comes to what we do here at Metalworking Group.  What we mean is that you could be in need of something other than just standard sheet metal fabrication.  We realized that every business has its own particular needs when it comes to metal, and that it would be best to put it all under one roof.  We’ve managed to do this through the acquisition of metal fabricating companies, talented professionals and certifications.

Regardless of the metal product you need, we can handle everything from start to finish.  Metal is everywhere, and we’ve manufactured parts for everything from medical devices, to compressors and even military vehicles.  Parts can be small or large, and we’ve worked across that spectrum to.  If you’re unsure if we can work on your specific project, just ask! (Comment below, or contact us)

Some of the parts we offer include CNC Machined Parts, robotic weldments and metal stampings.  We work with each client to identify and design the ideal product, and deliver a finished, assembled product with liquid painting or powder coatings when applicable.

Having been in business since 1982, we pride ourselves on service and quality, and we continue to build upon that.  In 2013 we became ISO certified, and we plan on maintaining the most current certifications.  Many of our professionals are certified in their craft as well.  For example, our welding staff has several AWS certifications. Certifications paired with lean manufacturing techniques allow us to control costs in a way that benefits both parties.

If you need a metal part, Metalworking Group can design and fabricate it in a cost-effective, time-sensitive manner.  Our goal is to be successful, while making your business as successful as possible too.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future!