Manufacturing and Delivering Exit Bins Within a Compressed Timeline

Manufacturing and Delivering Exit Bins Within a Compressed Timeline

Direct to Site Shipments


Exit bins are a critical component to increase capacity in distribution centers by efficiently sorting and moving packages throughout a warehouse. A material handling supplier was challenged with finding a metal part manufacturer to produce exit bins for an e-commerce company that was expanding its distribution facilities. The supplier was tasked with providing exit bins for eight regional warehouses on an accelerated timing due to the construction schedule.

The supplier was dealing with material and trucking shortages so it was critical that the metal part manufacturer could turnaround the large project in just a few short months. If the supplier didn’t find a contract manufacturer quickly, it would set their customer’s site launch dates back by six months.

The supplier reached out to multiple metal part manufacturers, but they didn’t have the capacity nor the fabrication expertise to deliver the quantity required for the project.


The material handling supplier looked to their trusted partners to request quotes for the project. They had worked with Metalworking Group (MWG) for several years and knew that MWG had the technical and fabrication expertise, capacity and space to deliver the project, that other manufacturers did not have. After submitting quotes and estimates for the project, the supplier chose MWG.

MWG started by establishing weekly meetings with project managers and the rest of the team, asking proactive questions, and taking measures to ensure the process runs efficiently to meet the compressed timeline.

MWG leveraged their fiber optic lasers and best-in-class paint line to meet capacity and deliver the project efficiently, utilizing their combined space of 180,000 sq ft manufacturing facilities. MWG also used assembly, robotic and manual welding, and fabrication to manufacture the exit bins.

Once the exit bins were manufactured, MWG created custom packaging to ensure the product wasn’t damaged during shipping. Due to the trusting relationship between the supplier and MWG, MWG managed all of the shipments direct to site. This was no small task as the parts were all odd shaped and as a result, very difficult to handle and package, increasing the risk of a part being damaged. This process saved cost and time by reducing excess trucking and paperwork, helping ensure MWG met the compressed timeline. MWG shipped on average eight full trucks per week to the end user.

MWG managed the project closely and adjusted based on the needs to meet the deadline, including having their team work overtime.


The project ended up being the largest part number order in MWG history. They manufactured 3,700 exit bin units for eight warehouse sites with custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. There were zero quality rejections from the customer, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. MWG delivered all of the parts with direct to site shipments on time, helping the e-commerce company start up the new sites as planned and streamlined their install labor hours.