Health and Manufacturing | MetalWorking Group

Health and Manufacturing | MetalWorking Group

This blog is not about the health of manufacturing. It is about the health of our employees at the Metalworking Group. Skilled people are hard to find. Once you are lucky enough to have a great work force at your company, the challenge is to keep them and to have them contribute for as long as possible.

Employee Wellness is an important part of any company, but even more so for companies which depend on highly trained personnel. MWG needs trained and healthy sheet metal fabricators, production welders, laser cutting operators, CNC machinists, and skilled assemblers to be effective. Our Wellness program is designed to keep our people healthy and to help them stay on the job for the long term.

We do this for a number of reasons. First of all, our highest company value is Employee Safety. A Wellness program continues to reinforce the importance of this value. Secondly, we truly care about our employees and their quality of life. Both as individuals and as contributors to MWG.

Our Wellness program has nearly 100% participation. We partnered with Humana to introduce their Vitality program. Through this program, everyone at MWG, and their spouses, can monitor their biometrics, learn about healthy diet and exercise, and earn points that can be redeemed for specific items or gift cards.

At MWG, we produce custom metal fabrications, CNC machined parts, sheet metal enclosures, and assemblies. The most important activity we can do to help our customers, our company, and our employees is keeping our highly skilled craftsmen at work. Some of our employees have significantly changed their lives for the positive with this program.

The Cincinnati Business Courier recently held a competition for the Healthiest Company in Greater Cincinnati. We are proud to say that MWG was a finalist in that competition.
Healthiest Employers of Cincinnati Award - MetalWorking Group