One of the truly skilled operations performed by a producer of custom sheet metal fabrications is CNC Press Brake Forming. The Metalworking Group recently invested in top of the line press brakes from Cincinnati Incorporated, a world class manufacturer of precision CNC press brakes, laser cutters, and other sheet metal fabrication equipment.

Modern press brakes are controlled by powerful CNC computer systems and require computer skills in addition to in-depth knowledge of the physics of how metal bends. To program these machines, the operator must control ram speed, tonnage, CNC back gage controls over multiple axis, dynamic forming, and safety. Just to name some of the major variables! The operator must be able to program the proper bend sequence in order to deliver a quality sheet metal fabrication.

In addition to the machine itself, tooling quality and tool selection is paramount in producing high quality work. When MWG made the CNC press brake investment, we also dedicated resources to precision tooling specified for individual machines. Bottom die width and nose radius are just examples of tooling selection parameters. Things can get really fun when special tooling like gooseneck tools are utilized.

The ability to produce precision sheet metal formed parts affects every operation downstream. For example, our certified welders need tight weld seams and crisp bend radii to weld parts efficiently. The less weld that is required, the less grinding time is needed to complete the fabrication.

Robotic welding puts an even higher requirement on formed part quality. For a robotic welder to be effective, every formed part must fit into a rigid fixture and present the weld seam to the robot in a precise and consistent manner.

Pictured below is an MWG operator in action on a CI press brake:

Cincinnati Incorporated Press Brake Machine