Production Welding jobs draw questions. Do we need to perform MIG or TIG Welding? What is the material that we’ll need to weld? Is the object going to be small, or very large?  Our professionals will discuss each and every aspect of your Welding project to create an end product that is exactly what you’ve envisioned.  At the Metalworking Group, we’ve done this time and time again.

Part of our success in production welding is due to the robotic welding cells, large welding turntables, and pedestal cranes that allow us manage parts of any size.  Our technicians’ skill combined with this equipment makes for a high-quality end result.

To be a welding technician and be in the welding and manufacturing industry requires skill and experience, but the question is how do we measure this?  We believe this is exhibited through our years in the industry, and the several welding certifications we’ve accumulated through that time, including AWS B and D certifications.  With hundreds of weld specifications, WPS, and PQR’s on file, Metalworking Group is probably already certified to meet your requirements.  If not, we will work with you and your internal team to achieve the necessary certifications to make your project a success.

What kind of welding challenges have you run into in the past, or even one you’re currently dealing with? Leave a comment on this post, or get in touch with us through our website so that we can discuss this! It’s quite possible that one of our 60+ certified welding technicians can find a solution. We look forward to hearing from you!